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NOTE : Our project retrieves your profile & email using the Google+ API and OAuth 2.0 for Authentication & Authorization Access..


Hi my friend !

Welcome to our OAuth 2.0 & Business project where we show How you can manage a micro/small enterprise with Google's APIs, tools and services on Blogger or any website..

Yeah! we have built this project using only Blogger platform, OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication and authorization for client-side applications (with Google API Client Library for JavaScript), Google Visualizations API (now within Google Chart Tools), Apps Script and spreadsheets of Google Docs (now Google Drive, which all development scope are detailed in what is known as Google Apps Platform), using like programming language only javascript and JQuery framework ..all free or paid according to consumption (but with a high free quota); of course, the potential of the project is very interesting to us and this is just a initial model.

The idea of this project begins with the orders of our customers.. they choose the best deals from the comfort of your home or time off of his work, and then to take them directly to his home : This is the mode of direct selling products used in health, beauty, cosmetics, clothing and accessories .. mainly products for home and family, where customers are visited by a consultant-seller who help them to do the best orders of purchase .. where the administrative process is with support by these tools so that will allow us review our balances and debts, meet and deliver our backlog on line and other orders directly received, being more efficient.. and of course, know how much we win or lose in our business.. Really I hope you enjoy this project !

Scopes of project

WFDSA statistics of 2011 indicate that in Latin America the number of direct sellers over 10 million people (and they're more than 16 million people in North America, 11 million people in Europe, 52 million people in Asia .. that is, we have a global market nearly 100 million of direct sellers) ..and most of this sales force has no many resources to administrative control and management of its operations, which often prevents them from being more efficient and grow.. with this tool want help to them!!

Additionally, I think the scheme of this project can be easily adapted to any small business as managing reservations for rooms at a small hotel or tourism business, ..manage orders and payments in a restaurant and many other business.

How it works

must take into consideration the following:
  • you must be register/sign-in like member in our community .. a user interface built with GUI Builder from Apps ​​script receive and save the authorized OAuth 2.0 data (name, email, picture and ID mainly..

    pressing the botton "sign-in", a screen access authorization will be deployed (may prompt popup window ..must enable it!).. so, if you accept you will can access & test to our project. This is very important because with this step your contact information will be save within a Google spredsheet, and with Apps Script and his mail service we can interact with you ( or our future customers ), and will can update personal details, set your preferences, send offers, ads, purchase orders and more.. because mail service just is one from a lot of options! (if already registered .. will display your contact information and is recorded internally the date and a counter access)

    in our project, once registered within our community through the "Community" option of our menu, you can access the consultation of their orders, purchases and his balance due .. of course this is just the beginning of many applications to be developed like activity log, giving of gifts, payments on-line, custom surveys, webinars, ads and contacts through Google+ and other social networks.. ..all with Google APIs and other necessary tools.

  • so, playing with these data, a customer can register their orders registered in our "sales campaign" spreadsheet , which will be stored in our "orders" spreadsheet, all through a user interface built by GUI Builder from Apps script as shown in this post of our project.

    our GUI built allows two currencies (US$ by default, and S/. from Peru country) can see this adding the parameter &fpre=S/. on the Web App URL deployed..

    of this way, you can check this:

  • Register of purchases, miscellaneous and other expenses, where we register all purchases and outflows of cash from our business, which according to its type will be recorded in our "register of expenses" spreadsheet, "control of the business" spreadsheet, and "cash flow" spreadsheet respectively.

    of course, You can register any cash purchases, and use too the orders requested by customers according to his sectorization, so our GUI built will show automatically if we have orders in hand ..they are unloaded and qualify as orders to be delivered..

    we can also process credit purchases and pay them, but these credits should be awarded by entities previously recorded in our "sectorization" spreadsheet where it's indicate their respective ID code.

    In this sample, we have only one sales campaign from a single supplier .. then only have orders of customers of them ("Yanbal Catalog" in this case, which can be located at the end of our sectorization listbox from cash and credit purchases), the other suppliers and sectors will have no orders of customers, but we can register cash or credit purchases of them to maintain stocks even without orders of registered customers (..or to consider the case of unregistered clients), but if there are orders is necessary use them to qualify then as pending orders for delivery ..of course, in case of many products requested, you must use our "Orders" checkbox to continue and add them all.

    Also, this part of our project in this moment only supports 01 currency (USS by default) .. we would like it to be dual currency .. but was not possible to complete the codes yet .. anyway, we are in full programing process

  • Register of sales, debt collections and other incomes, where we register mainly sales and payments from our customers .. both clients that belongs our on line community (once registered the buying of the purchase orders), and from unregistered customers because in direct sales are not always working only with registered clients.. of course after, you will can assign the ID code of registered customer within our community to all his transactions when it was not registered (with our "Community?" checkBox) ..and create new clients with our "New Client?" checkBox.. also our code avoids duplicated names and nicknames for new clients.

    for this option must be borne in mind that the nickname and the name of our customers to register will be unique, and the idea of using a nickname is to show no long names in our graphs and tables (note that the unique nickname go in the first textBox, and the unique full name in the second)

  • graphics management and control of the business. Here are some visualizations to monitor our business, mainly about our sales, purchases and cash flow, and this option will be greatly enhanced when be incorporated payables of our purchases and other liabilities.

    These three last options can be seen in the "Intranet" option of menu ..and of course, it's made according to data available in our register of purchases and sales, inventory control and cash flow spreadsheets

    Of course, access to this option will be restricted .. and access control can be effected through the ID of managers or business owners..

  • As you can see, this model also allows recording of contributions (nickname prefix '*'), miscellaneous and other expenses (which may be included in a document with the same purchases), even investments .. that is, a set of operations that allow for effective management of small business

  • and remember that our register of purchases and sales are saved per document and may contain various products and concepts .. so you must load the items to the document before to be processed ("↑" button),. Also, you can delete an item or concept of the document ("X" button)

have been refined details of each module so much and we hope that the management of this model can be fairly intuitive .. thanks so much for your attention


Technical summary

to development of this project considers the use of:

  • 01 Google Account, of course essential to access Google's platforms, APIs and services.. and to test our project.
  • 01 Blogger personal site for hosting your development .. and to show the world your business, your deals, sales campaigns and other business concepts (webinars, customer communications and other news).. could be used any other hosting service, but take note that we will not use a external database (only Google spreadsheets like datastore), nor any back-end programming language like PHP, Java, others .. only Javascript.
  • 10 Google spreadsheets (community, sectorization, entities, sales campaing, orders, register of expenses, register of incomes, cash flow, payables and control of my business), some with multiple sheets related using =Query function with various criteria.
  • 02 independent Apps scripts, which we control the registration and updating of user data
  • 05 GUI built Apps Script on our community, orders, register de expenses and register of incomes spreadsheets mainly..
  • Know JavaScript and some of JQuery framework to work the Blogger platform and our Apps Script code.
  • addition, basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is required..


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